iPhone 6S Revisit: 3 Years Later!

19 Dec 2018 07:29 783
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Thanks to Back Market for teaming up with me for this video!
Make sure to check them out here! - http://www.backmarket.com/refurbished-iphone-6s.html?utm_source=eztech231&utm_medium=influencers

Intro video made by Back Market! Wasn't that awesome by the way?

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This is the iPhone 6s. Some of you may still be using one today! And that's because Apple has done a great job with optimizing and supporting their devices long-term. While Apple dropped the 6s from its line of phones they sell, you can still pick one up today, in great condition WITH great guarantees thanks to Back Market! Taking a look at the iPhone 6s 3 years later, yes, it's still a solid pickup today. You can find one in pristine condition for less than $300. I'm talking something like $250. Perfect if you're looking to stick in the Apple ecosystem, continue to get software support, and get a phone that can still hold its own in today's league of phones!

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